Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Darn reflection, bottom "O" is an earth

Some people think I'm crazy. Only the ones that know me the best, actually. So I'll let you all in on my quirkiness, but quickly, since I can hear Esme kicking away in her crib up there. I have mentioned my extreme conscience before; I'll list how it reminds me to be more earth friendly.

  • I try to bring tupperware to restaurants for the leftovers. (I've only encountered two places that use biodegradable to-go boxes around here.)
  • I keep a fork and spoon in my bag (and my water bottle of course) for those more quality fast food joints like Kneaders, Cafe Rio, etc.
  • If I have a pot that needs to soak, I put it in the sink and THEN wash, rinse other dishes to use the water twice. Last night Eli made me proud. Brian was washing dishes and he left the water on while he turned away from the sink and Eli yelled at him-out of urgency, not anger-to turn it off.
  • I avoid using ziplock bags (tupperware instead), foil and plastic wrap (using a plate to cover a bowl), but when I must, I reuse it, flipping the last two over to use the clean side and washing out ziplock bags.

  • I can't throw glass away since I haven't found a way to recycle it. It was building up until I found a way. I was also wanting to go out and buy a bunch of storage containers when I realized I could use old bottles for storing all the grains and such that I love to get in the self-serve bulk section at the grocery store.
  • I often visit this website since I feel a twinge of guilt every time I throw something away. Although I haven't yet wondered how to reuse dryer lint.
Okay, I'll stop. In honor of this day I also wanted to sew a couple of lucky people re-usable produce bags. I've even been thinking of adding a clear vinyl patch so you can write the codes for bulk stuff. Deluxe. If you can see yourself using them, leave a comment. Been thinking and still can't decide if I'll pick randomly or by whose most deserving. Who knows, maybe I won't even get two comments. (I've already promised Anna and Esther, so you're set).

Man, I can't believe she's not crying yet. What a patient girl. Oh ya. I have an awesome shirt for her. I suppose I should have sewn it myself out of scraps or re purposed material to be green. But at least it's good for two holidays and any other day. Have I mentioned that I'm as cheap as I am earth conscious? I don't even shop for clothes much, but I only buy from the clearance rack when it's an extra 50% off. Although, this shirt is so great I probably would have paid full price instead of the $1 it was.


Kim said...

I love how earth friendly you are, Helena. You'd like living in Oregon because they make people recycle. We have 4 different garbage cans: trash, yard debris, glass, and paper/plastic. If you have enough and have time, I'd love a reusable produce bag. I'm impressed that you make your own.

Helena said...

Kim, totally jealous of all your trash cans.

Grandma Corrales said...

The college where I work just addded recycle bins (recycled cardboard) to our building... plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum. The student council is using it as a fundraiser project...I thought it was a great idea!

Kristyn said...

I don't know if you could send a bag out of state, but hey, I'll hope. :) And you really ARE very earth conscious. I'm rally impressed by your frugality and creativity in that dept too.

I am really impressed with your picture memory game. I have been thinking for hours now the endless possibilities from when I first read it. I may just steal your idea.

Do you love your 50mm lens? I honestly cannot tell a difference in your pictures (sometimes I can see a difference in sharpness) so I'm wondering how you like it.

And I made the recipe you sent me for the braised tofu in wine sauce. Except i did it san wine sauce b/c we didn't have any, and i didn't feel like going to store again. actually i'm not sure what it is. :) so i hope i didn't leave out a huge taste. we thought it turned out really good so i would easily make it the same again. i think asian cooking is so intriguing - i was flipping through a martin yan cookbook we've had for a while tonight. when we first got it everything looked ridiculous, but now i see it totally differently. i love all the spices, colors, and the heavy reliance on different veggies.

and you spent Easter with the Robins?? how fun!!!