Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010 Play-by-Play

First we ate, of course. And Brian dutifully and masterfully grilled a tri-tip for Carrol because you must always cook what a pregnant woman wants, especially since she's still in the sick phase.

Then Eli and Emi dyed the eggs (I love you magic eraser) that the adults skillfully decorated with electrical tape and hot glue while listening to the afternoon session. No wonder the directions say to use rubber cement, hot glue takes the shell too when you go to peel it off.

Seth is so skilled! Chinese characters with a glue gun. No wonder PhD schools are clamoring for him.

The stickers go on the egg, boy.

Then the kids hunted for their creations that we planted at a nearby playground. Eli got competitive, pushing Emi back when he saw an egg and tagging along when her dad tried to show her where to look.


Esme patiently watched. (I'd be pretty content in that seat too.)

Back at home the kids played on while we devoured the best ice cream ever. Who needs the legos when they come in a boat.


Don Ashley Carter and Tigger said...

Very cute! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I love that fur in Esmes stroller! Wow, very warm and soft looking!

Blackham Fam said...

That food looks mighty good. Can't wait to get together, my food pics never look that good. :(

Robnz Fam said...

Eli just knows how to win :0). He wanted it more than Emi obviously! He is such a sweet little boy though. I love him and Esme. Sweet lil' things. SO..that food. We ate all the left overs already. Thank you so SO much! It was so great not have to eat cereal for dinner last night ;). Seth was in heaven too. So that ice'm craving it so bad. Maybe we need to eat more together sometime!! Thanks to both of you for the funnest easter ever. Really, it was so great. We didn't want the day to end! Oh, and I have a maternity shirt for you! I remember it with Emi, it was just too short on me, it's Medium, so I know it'll fit you. It's really cute, you'll like it. It's all yours too!

Helena said...

Ashley, recognize Esme's warm outfit, you gave it to us when we had Eli. It's been so great. Just throw it over her outfit and she's ready to go outside. Thanks again.