Friday, January 9, 2009


That is how old I am today. I hope nobody ever asks my age again. Almost 30?! That's not possible. I'm having a hard time because, as I recently realized, being young has always been part of my identity. I was the youngest child, well...until I was 12. I was Suzie's youngest daughter, or Simone and Cirila's little sister. Now that little sister is finding white hairs. Very disturbing. I'm just grateful for those 4 months that make Brian older than me and that he too has 3 white hairs.

It's not all so bad, though. The sweet thing found some of his martial arts students to watch Eli while he took me to a fancy Swiss restaurant in Park City. The drive was picturesque through the canyon with trees delicately frosted and the snow a shade of pink from the sun setting behind us. At Adolf's we splurged on veal and a rack of lamb. Over dessert we realized that memories like that were the best present, since neither of us could remember what we had gotten the year before.

He even made me an almost flourless chocolate cake (actually I insist on that, a from scratch cake shows way more love than something from a box or store [unless its a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, of course]).

I've also decided to copy the tradition of taking a birthday portrait. No frills or cheezy smiles. It will be fun to see how we all change from year to year.

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone.


Anna said...

Ahhhhhh I meant to call you, but earlier when I thought of it I couldn't because I was in a meeting or something.....and now it's 10:30. So just know, I thought of you today. Happy happy brithday. Lets get pedicures soon, my treat.

kim said...

Happy birthday, Helena! I'm glad you had a special day.

Anonymous said...

Len, It was good to hear you enjoyed your special day. You certainlt deserve it. Love you always. Mom

Grandma Corrales said...

Happy, happy Birthday Helena! We are soooo glad you are a part of our zany family!!!! I'm extremely pleased that Brian treated you too a nice dinner in Park City....and trust me, 26 will not seem so old a few years from now. :)
We love you dearly,
Grandma Corrales

Cristina said...

Hel!! 26!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry I missed it! Well I think 26 has kinda the same feeling you get when your 22. Like certain ages just make you feel young, and then the year after, you're what? I'm turning 26 in April and I am constanly telling my bf I am getting old. He just turned 25, so we will be the same age for a few months and then I become the senior citizen. lol. The other day someone asked my age and I said 26, I just had to try it on. It felt...mature in a weird way. Anyway, I am glad we are still friends after all these years. Its so crazy looking back and seeing where we are now and it will only get better. Have a good one!