Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Only I Would Dream Of Diapers

Last week I had a dream. We were adopting a blonde one year old boy and I suddenly had to make more cloth diapers. While asleep I must have remembered that I still have a little over two yards of the more expensive inner lining fabric.
Yesterday, in real life, I ordered almost 4 yards of the outer, water-proof fabric online so I could get going ASAP. Right now I just finished tracing patterns onto the liner, thinking I would get around 14 diapers out of it. As my frugal self celebrates, my lazy self cringes at the fact that I actually got 20!
Brian won't like this either. When I have a project on my mind, I work like a maniac until its done and he gets no attention. I'm hoping he's just glad I'm not one of those people that has a bunch of unfinished projects laying around. I can't just let pricey fabric lay around when it could be in diaper form, keeping me from doing laundry as often. I'm doing it on my own this time. Somehow, sewing two blankets has given me confidence, which I'm sure will be smashed.


cirila said...

What do you mean two blankets?

Helena said...

Oh, I made Brian one for Christmas. I've started your little one, but it's not finished.