Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mommy Group

First Anna got me sewing, but before that, a long time ago, she told me to join a mom's group. She even did lots of research. I earnestly tried making friends at church, but them having to work or moving away, as well as finding someone with similar interests or kids of the same age has made things difficult. In short, today I went to the general meeting to turn in my application to join the chapter of MOMS Club International in my area. It's like a support group for stay at home moms. I think everyone should join one, especially if you don't have family near or have a husband that is gone a lot. These ladies are so friendly and all in a similar situation.

Activities through the month include things like story time at the library, going out for treats, playgroups by age, classes, crafts, date nights where parents alternate babysitting while others go on double dates, and service projects. I love that kids are always invited to everything. Even when there are classes for moms, there's child care provided in the nursrey, but if your child is clingy, they are welcome to the class. Eli enjoyed learning about couponing, he even laughed a few times with us.

Today's class was about saving big bucks at the grocery store. It involves subscribing to the weekend newspaper for coupons ($1-2/wk). Then you must go to a webiste, GrocerySmarts (for Utah add the code g84csg to access) which is constantly updated on sale items and it rates how good of a deal it is, from 1 to 5 stars. It goes a step further and tells you what page of what newspaper has a coupon for the same item to get it even cheaper. Some poor soul looks them up every week and enters them on the site, which makes its money from advertising. Next it involves buying in bulk, since big sales on particular items generally circulate every 5 months. But if you can get things like cereal, toothpaste, yogurt for 25 cents or free, organizing your pantry and clipping coupons for 15 minutes a week is totally worth it. I would go on, but this post would never stop. The lady teaches classes all over the place for free, including at the grocery store. They actually make more money when people use coupons than if they just buy something on sale. In case you were worried about them. In the picture above, she paid $3 for everything on the table. Outrageous, I know. Even more outrageous... we will be newspaper subscribers, along with the old timers.

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