Thursday, January 22, 2009

He Melts Me

Just look at that face. But that's what we say when Eli does cute stuff like saying his few words or copying us like we're the coolest people around. I happen to love it when he puts his hand to his chest as he gasps, lately its while watching Planet Earth. I wonder where he got that. He even starts laughing as soon as The Office comes on.

Brian loves it when he does martial arts. Master Gibbons from Colorado is in town for the film festival and last night she visited and taught Brian's classes and stayed after to teach Brian his new form. Eli joined in from the sidelines. Brian really would have melted if he'd seen Eli doing punches, complete with breathing, during his playdate with Zeke on Tuesday.

I'm hoping this immitation infatuation continues into potty training. He's doing really well, and even wore undies at home today and kept them clean the whole time. I figure he should learn to wear some clothes so surprise guests aren't surprised by his nakedness anymore. They're always in the living room before I can catch him to put a diaper on. He also likes trading, so here he made Brian trade potties.

Some things we don't want him copying and must keep him from witnessing. Like scooping kitty litter. He's already into cleaning the toilet. Mostly he's just an angel, especially for a 2 year old. We just have to know his limits. Like sitting in the grocery cart for more than 5 minutes. He won't. We just bring his pink stroller (today a nice worker gave him a pink balloon to match) and he walks with me and even waits while I browse for a moment or two (an activity I will never take for granted again). Between his sweet little "mom!" and wanting to do everything I do, like adding random spices to whatever's cooking, he pretty much melts me all day. This has to be the best stage. Tonight at dinner Brian said I was the luckiest, I get to be around his sweetness all day. He's right. I could have told him that.


cirila said...

So handsome! And impressive.

kim said...

Eli is the cutest, sweetest little boy! He makes me melt, too.

Anonymous said...

Lena: Enjoy your litle one and spend as much time as possible with him. I think he (Eli) has alot to give to you.