Sunday, January 4, 2009

When In Santa Barbara

There are some things a person must do. After seeing family, my next priority is Pollo Norteno. It must be authentic if I'm the only (half) Gringo there. Grilled chicken, beans, fresh salsa, corn tortillas, what else can a person want? For Brian, when by the coast, he only wants fish, which he had his fair share of in the form of fish-n-chips, Thai squid, and sushi. But, in case your world doesn't revolve around food, there are always the classics: the beach and the mission.

The Mission
I actually did a report on it in my American Art History Class my last year of college, don't be surprised that no information is coming to mind except that the local Native Americans, the Chumash, built it after being converted. For the first time I did more than admire the facade and Christmas nativity outside. We ventured inside the courtyard and chapel.

Despite all the other camera-toting tourists posing for pictures, I felt strange taking any in the chapel with people worshiping behind us in the pews.

The Beach
We went to Shoreline beach and Eli surprised us by jumping out of my arms to run around, different from Oregon, where he demanded to be held. It helped that the sand was firm and the sea was calm and quiet. Plus it was low tide and there were lots rocks to climb and critters to find.

On another day we went to the warf to see about tours and ended up walking along the jetty to see the pelicans.
Other than that I was content staying at grandma's. Brian's more for having a schedule full of fun events planned. Poor guy married a home body. I'm so boring I was pleased to sleep through New Year's, grateful no loud celebrations woke me up.

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Esther said...

I'm glad you had a fun trip! I hope Brian enjoys his new job too :)