Monday, January 5, 2009

5 Years Ago Today

Brian and I met in an astronomy class. It was my first semester back after taking a break to work a couple of jobs to save money and his first semester back after the mish. I was a bit late after coming straight from my first day working at the BYU Bookstore and getting lost in the ESC. I quickly chose my seat between two boys, feeling slightly flirtatious. Brian would have you note that I was more interested in the other guy, but that doesn't matter in the scheme of things. It could have been fate or coincidence that I decided to take Geology and Astronomy rather than the dreaded Physical Science to fulfill requirements and that Brian had just barely decided to add the class. Either way, there we sat.

His first words to me were, "This guy's great already" speaking of our goofy professor that was introducing us to his daily jokes he called Feghoots. All semester Brian was the one laughing loudest at the cheezy end-of-class-puns, followed by self-consciously asking why I wasn't laughing. We walked out of class together on the first day and he said good-bye with a firm, missionary handshake. After that we took turns sitting next to each other.

It took him almost two weeks to finally ask me out, during which he was busy taking out lots of other girls, as I later found out. As we walked out of class that second Friday he kept talking to me as I tried to hurry to my next class. The brave boy asked me out and we arranged a date for Saturday, the next day. I was so excited I stopped at a computer kiosk to email my roommate Anna before my class.

He got to my apartment early, cute. At his apartment his roommate helped him decide to take me rock climbing and after Brian found a Japanese place for dinner. Apparently chop-sticks were a test, which I passed. Thanks for teaching me mom.
And I finally got to know why an Asian boy had the last name Corrales, which I noticed him put down on the roll every day.

Wow, what a memory I have. I should email Prof. Clark, I think he said he gets a bonus for every married couple that meets in his class.

Here we are a couple months later.


Esther said...

Fun story! And what a cute picture of you guys!

Anna said...

I can't believe it's been five years. Time sure flies.

kim said...

Ahhh, sweet story. I love the picture of you guys. I don't remember seeing that picture before.