Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 Church Sunday, Chocolate and Vanilla Please

Brian was invited to one of his student's church services Sunday at the Calvary Baptist Church in Salt Lake where she was to be recognized in front of the congregation for her outstanding achievement in getting 2nd place in forms at Soo Bahk Do Nationals in August. Eli and I went too. Everyone was friendly and smiling, asking our names and shaking hands. We felt so welcome.
The music was joyful and made me want to dance, which I did after looking around to see what the others were doing. I told Brian to bring home a Gladys Knight CD if he runs into one at work.
Everyone was so vocal and fervent in their beliefs, even teenagers. It was a good lesson for me, for whom church usually involves 3 hours without much speech or emotion. These people were so happy just have the chance to wake up and worship on Sunday morning.
The diversity in the membership was another highlight for me. In the middle they had all visitors stand and introduce themselves. There were people visiting for a university public speaking class, some were in Salt Lake because family members were at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, others were faithful transients, and even a newly-elected Congressman was there to say Thank You to the congregation for all the work it had done after Katrina, taking in, feeding, and clothing some of those displaced by the storm.
Brian was honored to be invited and I was happy to attend. I will take many things away. I admired how they supported their youth, were unashamed to praise God, took local action to help others, and were warm to newcomers. I guess we found out where all the nice people in Salt Lake are.

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Grandma Corrales said...

Very interesting insights! I, too, have felt that enthusiasm when I've been invited to other faiths. One of the prophets once stated that we when we hear other beliefs we should always come away with something we can use in our beliefs and that when we compare our church with other churches, we should always compare their 'good' with our 'good'. There is always something we can learn from each other. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Love you all!