Monday, September 8, 2008

Back To School For Us Too

Brian started his fall term of Soo Bahk today. His teaching schedule is getting busier and he's especially glad that he has enough oldsters interested to start an adult class. He likes being able to get into the philosophy a bit more.
I'm always trying to find an excuse to bring treats, so we came today with cupcakes for the first day of class. Eli's getting better at watching class. Last year he always had fits because he wanted to go out on the floor with the students. Today he watched studiously for 5 minutes until he needed to wander with his stroller.
I've enjoyed Brian's 2 week break from martial arts. Every day he would ask when he could do Soo Bahk again. Now I'm realizing I should have appreciated the break more, seeing how busy he will be. On the one or two nights he isn't doing Soo Bahk he will be with the young men from church. At least he's doing stuff he really loves (and needs, he gets cranky if he goes too long without Soo Bahk).

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Over the moon said...

That is a way cute picture of Eli! I love how serious he is as he watches on :0), way cute!

And Helena! Yesterday was my first day with NO office hours! This is so great. I'm loving it. So, can I come over to your house and make some bread? I must learn! I have all day, everyday. Oh, it's so great. Is this still ok if you teach me how? Just let me know! It's ok if things are too busy for you, I'm easy to work with now ;0).