Friday, September 5, 2008

Summertime: Life Is Good

Especially in these late days of summer with cooler weather and many events around town. In the dreary days of winter we will look back longingly at these days filled with swimming, fairs, bike rides, farmer's markets, and walks to the park. Until then we're over-loading on fun. Yesterday we went on a bike ride, today was the Greek festival, and tomorrow we'll go to the farmer's market. I'll elaborate on a couple of them.
This afternoon Eli and I took the train to pick Brian up from work and we all went to the Greek Festival for some good eats. Worried the food was going to be like Swiss Days, Brian acted very not excited. Near the entrance we were greeted by two whole lambs (dripping with an olive oil marinade) roasting on spits. His attitude changed quickly. Over our delicioso dinners we watched traditional Greek dancing, Eli's eyes were glued. He almost preferred it to the chicken. He got excited outside at the kid's carnival where he was only big enough to do one game: pick a rubber ducky from a tub of water. It was his first carnival game, so I was sure to document the uninteresting, over-priced event.
Yesterday Eli and I did our favorite warm-weather activity. Here are some hints: 1) It's free 2) It's fun for us both 3) It's exercise, only for me 4) Leaves no carbon footprint 5) And takes us places... Yes, bike riding. He has a seat on my bike and we both love it. My friend has one of those tow-behind trailers that holds two kids and getting Eli in there was like trying to put a cat in water.
We live a couple of blocks from an entrance to a bike trail, so we took it a mile or so to a $2 petting zoo. Eli was brave enough to pet a baby goat this time and made us stay quite a while with the pigs, horse, donkey, llamas, bunny, and rooster.
I don't know what we'll do with the end of summer and its merriment and free activities. I guess this winter our goal will be to learn to enjoy "the greatest snow on earth."


Leilani said...

Cute pictures. Love the one with his head on his hand. I always wanted to go to the Greek festival. I'll have to find one here to satisfy my lamb cravings!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics. Go to Santa Barbara during the summer. There is quite a tasty Greek fest there too at Oak Park. Mom