Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If You Grill It, They Will Come

Or maybe it was the Halo tournament that accompanied Brian's gourmet grilling that brought 10 or so boys to the new Young Men presidency's first Tuesday night activity. (This is a good turnout considering 1 of the 17 boys on the list sometimes comes to church.) Brian loves the new church calling. Sunday was his first official day and he taught the Young Men's priesthood class and sunday school. Last night, with our rickety grill, he worked barbeque magic, turning out the juiciest, tastiest chicken, tri-tip, and steaks Bobby Flay would be jealous of.
Eli liked being around all the neighborhood kids and friendly dogs. He wanted to sit and eat on the porch with the rest of the boys. I was a bit more nervous, keeping a constant eye on him. I learned that if Sandy has a rough side, this is it.
The boys were appreciative and helpful. They wouldn't even let me take out the trash and one felt bad about me pouring his drink.
Brian has said that he likes teacher callings best, you just prepare your lesson and teach. No meeting after church or stuff during the week. This new calling has all of that, but he looks forward to it. He likes the challenge and hopes to connect with the boys, especially through Soo Bahk (if they're interested). He already has plans of going out early on Sundays to get the boys out of bed and to church.


Anna said...

so glad they had a good turnout. see you saturday

Kim said...

I'm glad Bri likes his new calling and that a lot of boys showed up to the activity. That's sweet that Eli wanted to hang out with the guys.