Friday, September 12, 2008

State Fair

I grew up in a respectable, state-fair-going family. Somehow Brian doesn't have an appreciation for all things deep-fried, so we went without the party pooper. Eli and I didn't want him limiting our fun since it was our first time to the Utah State Fair. There was something for each of us. Here are our favorites:

Honorable Mention:
A 700 Pound Butter Sculpture

5th Place:
My footlong corndog (maybe I'm glad the camera batteries died in time to miss it)

4th Place
Homegrown Prize-winning vegetables

and flowers galore with a Dahlia the size of my head.

3rd Place:
The freshly shorn sheep, which taught us that they really say "Maaaa" (as in math, not Baaaa). They were Eli's favorite until one "Maaaa"ed so loudly it made him cry.

2nd Place:

Homemade ice cream. I had to have some when I saw the sign and the old tractor engine churning the two barrels of ice cream. The lady even had an itty bitty size cone and scoops for little kids.

1st Place & Best in Show:

Little Hands on the Farm-
It was our unsurpassed favorite. Little kids went in (for free) and put on aprons and took a pail and worked on the farm doing various chores:

Milk a Fake Cow-

It came first and Eli was too scared with the loud mooing.

Pick Apples in the Orchard-

The apron was so cute I had to buy one at the end. Good momento from his first fair, right?

Brush a Sheep-

And take some wool to add to his bucket.

Gather Eggs-
This was his favorite. I had to ungather some before we moved on.

Turn in Your Goods-
For which he was paid $1 and could buy something from the store. He LOVES paying at stores.

It was way too fun, maybe Brian will go with us next year now that we have proof.


kim said...

I love the pictures! Eli looks so grown up...I especially like the pictures where he's wearing the apron. Looks like you guys had fun at the fair. Sorry Bri was being a bum and didn't go with you and Eli. Maybe next year.

Leilani said...

Yay for fairs! Ben doesn't like them either. And there are sooo many up here :( Did you get any elephant ears? Looooooove that apron.

Helena said...

elephant ears???

Leilani said...

They're like scones only they're huuuge....shaped like an elephant ear. They put homemade jam on them here....mmmmmmm.

Don Ashley and Tigger said...
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Don Ashley and Tigger said...

How fun! Love the pictures - awww you two are making me want to have a kid now! I want a little one to bring and around and have memories with...
(and leave party pooper dad at home when he doesn't want to come too)hehe

Anonymous said...

Fairs are one of my favorite things in life. Last week I went with friends and guiltlessly ate too much yummy junk food.


Helena said...

I know, I think I like them because you do Mom. I thought of you the whole time, especially when we saw the horses.