Monday, September 1, 2008

Bed Time

Our favorite time with Eli everyday is bed time and not even for the serenity we enjoy afterwards. Eli's pretty much always sweet, but he's extra sugar-coated at night. It has always been this way, I remember some nights we cheesy parents didn't even want to put him to sleep. Brian's a sucker for the hugs, especially the head-on-shoulder ones.
Eli loves his nightnight routine. Quiet play in his room, stories with milk and singing. He sings with us and lays down peacefully in his crib. Last week he wouldn't fall asleep until I figured out that he now wanted cars in his bed. Tonight I went to get his toothbrush and came back to find him reading. Chocolate dipped, sugar coated sweetness. I always manage to put him to bed though.


Leilani said...

Wow, Eli could teach Will and Bryant a few things! Very cute.

Leilani said...

Did you say that was hail? WHAT is going on over there?

Brian, Helena & Eli said...

ya, crazy storm yesterday.

Kim said...

Ah, Eli is so sweet. He makes me melt.

Grandma Corrales said...

talk about sweetness! Grandpa and I are lovin' this site!!! We've been working soooo hard lately on our landscaping that we've not had a chance to see what's been going on on Jefferson Lane...we've really missed it! Thanks so very much for allowing these wonderful peeks into your lives...little Eli is getting so big...what a blessing he is to all of us!
Love you lots!!!
Grandma and Grandpa corrales