Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday... Man

Today is Brian's 26th birthday and his dad, Frank, is even here from Oregon to celebrate. Since he's taking his many calls I thought I could sneak away and write about my sweet birthday boy.
26 years ago his parents were driving as quickly as possible through the canyon to get from Afton Wyoming to Logan Utah where the nearest hospital was to deliver their 1st child. His poor mom's water broke in the car and he was born soon after arriving at the hospital. I bet everyone was wondering what a half Korean, half Mexican baby would look like. Beautiful. He grew up to be much like his dad, hardworking, sentimental, gentle, and food-loving.
Today we celebrated with his favorite foods. His present from me was a make your own mozzarella kit. He was excited for every meal, starting with breakfast: crepes with nutela, strawberries, bananas, and cinnamon apples. Lunch with homemade tortillas, chili, and beans. Dinner was surprisingly French, despite his Asian obsession:to-die-for pork tenderloin with a creamy mushroom sauce. He definitely won't complain about his lunch of leftovers tomorrow. His cake, already mentioned a few days ago, was a total hit, with the boys around the table groaning with enjoyment after each dark chocolaty bite.
Lucky for both of us, his favorite leisure activity revolves around my favorite past time, cooking.
We must be meant for each other. Happy Birthday Bri, I love you.


Leilani said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Looks like you all had fun. Good company and good food! Hope your day was great!

kim said...

Happy Birthday Bri!

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Happy Birthday Brian! Sounds like it was a great day!

Grandma Corrales said...

Happy Birthday, son. You've been such a blessing in your family's lives! Sorry I missed all the fun...maybe next year we can all be together. Thank you Helena for feeding Grandpa so well. He's loved every minute with your sweet family!
Love you,