Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Birthday Cakes

Birthday season is approaching. In the next month we have Brian, Eli, Brian's mom, my three siblings and my nephew. I have much planning, especially since I'm trying to do homemade gifts. I made my sisters' yesterday, actually, but I can't spill the beans.
And now onto the planning of cakes. Poor Brian will be getting the same flourless, chocolate-mousse-filled, ganache-covered cake as last year. If you want something so decadent you can only eat 5 bites, this is it. Luckily Brian's dad will be here to help us take care of it.
For Eli's birthday we will be in Oregon with Brian's parents and so, as with most things, I was wanting to keep his cake simple. Probably cupcakes again, with rectangle candies and chocolate chips forming a little train on each one, like unto the cover of this book to the right, classic and minimal. I like it.
In my cupcake research I happened upon a blog just about the mini-confections with all kinds of unique ideas and recipes. And this website will give you endless ideas of theme cakes, from easy (Pac Man,for your retro gamer made of a round cake with 1/4 cut out for his mouth which is chasing yellow dots on the pan) to extravagant (Sushi platter for your foodie with fishes made of fondant). I came across so many amazing cakes made by regular people on that website I must do some matching of some folks with their ideal cake:

Kim- Brian's Sister
The Taco


Thomas The Train (the mountain is the cake)

Leilani (friend)
Mac & Cheese (from our starving student days)

Anna (friend)
Spring Shower Almond Petits Fours by Martha (for a decadent bite of the picturesque)

Everyone can tell me if I'm wrong about their cakes. And now I must request that everyone goes here to check out the amazing birthday cakes by Martha's people. I'm inspired now. One cake at a time, Helena.


Leilani said...

What is better than generic macaroni and cheese with butter and whole milk?...why macaroni and cheese CAKE! (made with butter and whole milk of course)

Helena said...

I wonder if all the butter and whole milk cancelled out the cheapness of the generic mac n cheese

Leilani said...

Heh, probably not...just made for a more fattening generic mac n cheese.mmmmmmmm....fat :)

Leilani said...

Or did you mean price-wise?

Anna said...

ooh you are so right about the peti fours, I've been dreaming about having those for at least 20 years. Maybe we should make some one Saturday and eat it and sip our hot chocolate. Like a mormon tea party. ;)

kim said...

mmmm, I love the taco cake!Looks like it would be hard to make, but would definitely be my favorite ever.