Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sew Your Own Cloth Diapers

Sounds intense, eh? I figured I would wait for #2 and a better washing machine before making the leap. I really never thought of sewing them myself since I'm no seamstress and sewing machines intimidate me. Luckily my friend Anna organized the class with her in-laws to get the pattern and learn how to sew cloth diapers from the woman they had been buying them from. The diapers are much like FuzziBunz with her own variations. Ivy Dow is her name and it was her first class. I think its genius. Instead of competing with the endless cloth diaper companies out there and being a diaper-sewing machine, she's found a more meaningful niche. Her company, Every-Green Babies, is helping people save money, be self-sufficient, and be eco-conscious. She will have great success in Utah with all the homemakers that have time and sewing skills.
I thought she was going to hand out the patterns and show us how to make them. Hah! We had to sew them ourselves. Nothing better than hands-on experience and it gave me the confidence to think I could actually do it on my own.
Last night at the class I was the one with the least sewing ability (also known as the slowest) and poor Anna felt like she had to explain that I had sewn once 10 years ago. After a few comments I finally said, only half-jokingly, "Only in Utah is it not okay to not know how to sew!" I was stressed and caused threading problems with the machine, but finally finished and was filled with pride at my olive green creation. I couldn't wait to try it on the boy. He even wore it to church today.
I love DIY projects, I don't mind the few flaws because I'm so proud that I did it myself and we can have stylish cloth diapers for 1/4 the price of buying them. Olive green, chocolate brown, eggplant, and cranberry diapers, here we come. Sounds delicious.


Anna said...

you did great! should we get some PUL and go to town creating our own while my sister-in-laws have the snap machine for free?

Laurabelle said...

This is a great idea! I'm learning to sew for costume design and I can totally pull this off by hand or machine! My freind, Natalie, has been encouraging me to consider cloth diapers for the future, but I hate pins. This is brilliant, and I love the colors. I'm in. I will be asking questions in three or four (or five or six or seven) years when I finally have children. :) Cuteness.