Thursday, September 4, 2008

Helena Jr.

Brian sometimes complains, but is getting used to the fact that Eli is just like me. Seems strange for a boy to share more traits with his mom than his dad, but things could be worse- he did like me enough to marry me. We're still having a hard time finding a similarity between the boys besides Eli's slightly Asian eyes. The little boy and I, on the other hand, share many characteristics, in appearance and personality:
  1. Cautious- Eli and I are both very careful to avoid bodily injury. We have many examples, but I refuse sledding and Eli won't go down a slide alone.
  2. Organized- We are both pretty tidy and Eli doesn't mind doing "clean up" and will even throw away trash when he finds it.
  3. Attached- When I was 13 I cried and cried when my sister left after a month-long visit. I even teared up when Brian left in August for 8 days. When Eli finds someone (only women) he likes-say the mom of a playmate- he cries when they leave and runs to the window to watch them go.
  4. Prepared- When I had to write a paper (on the eve of it's due date) I would have already organized notes, sources, and my thoughts before slowly writing the one-and-only draft, which I often wouldn't even proofread before turning in. Eli walked later than some (14 months), waiting until he had the skills to take on this new ability safely.
  5. Pets- We both prefer cats.
  6. Looks- Apparently he has my ears, nose, and lips.
  7. My Favorite- His shoulder dimples.
Maybe when Eli gets older he'll be more like his dad. Until then, I'll gloat.


Anonymous said...

I agree!

Kim said...

It does seem like Eli is more like you than Bri. He looks so cute wearing your glasses!

Laurabelle said...

He reminds me of a little Lee. How is that kid? Let's have a post about him!