Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Bob

I love the Bob. I do not speak of a certain builder, sponge, or fancy jogging stroller, but the haircut. I've been leaning towards shorter hair since high school. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to doing hair and make-up, so long hair just goes up in a pony tail.
For me, short hair= easy style. And the bob seems pretty timeless-popular since the 20's.
Where did I choose to get the beloved haircut? A hair school. For some reason I followed Brian's recommendation. Luckily I'm not attached to my hair, teachers must always check their work, and it was $12.
I should have waited to talk about this on one of those rare days that I use the hair dryer. Well, I tried, but Eli got traumatized. I just let it air dry to see how things would turn out, since that's what I'll be doing every other day of the year.


Kim said...

I love your hair Helena! It is super cute!

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Helena you are so gorgeous! The haircut looks wonderful on you~

Laurabelle said...

Way cute. It's so unfair that you can pull that off without work. Good choice.