Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 Years Ago, Today

Pitiful, huh? Pregnancy is not glamorous (unless you're Angelina), that's what I said from the beginning. Here I was at the end. This is what 9 months, 6 days looks like, in case you ever wondered.
One day before contractions started, two days before little Eli came.

We're in Oregon now, but I came prepared with some posts already done, don't worry. Today we'll be driving down the coast to Brian's parents. Can't wait to see the ocean.


Leilani said...

Heh, well it's not glamorous with that attitude :) The look on your face says it all.

asami said...

Hey, Helena! Happy Birthday to Eli!
I cannot believe he's that big already...we were just 16, 17 when we first met! In a week, I'll ge heading down to Santa Barbara for my second Half-marathon.(Nov. 1st) I still remember the trip that your family took me there:) I can't wait to go back!

cristina said...

Pregnancy is hard work, who has energy for glamour during those months? lol. I think its an adorable picture, pregnancy is so cute. =)