Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oregon Overview

Here are some condensed highlights from our trip:

Our Amazing Lit
tle Traveler

He was perfect on the plane, either interested in the scene outside, playing or sleeping. The 5 hour car trip is what I was worried about. Combine Eli's new-found patience in the car with bribery items like candy, soda, and a portable DVD player constantly streaming the Little Mermaid (at the boy's request) we made a miraculously quiet journey up and down the coast with less stress than anticipated. There was maybe 5 minutes TCT (total crying time, yes I just made that up). Road trips here we come.

hen Daddy Was A Boy

We got to see things and hear stories from Brian's childhood. Toys and clothes like his favorite doggie. Eli ate in his high chair and slept in his crib, and we even took home his first pair of hiking boots for winter shoes.

Eli's Birthday

Trains, Trains, Trains. His toys were mostly trains and his cake had trains spelling out his name on top. This had to be the best birthday, he expected nothing and was excited for everything. Between the shredding of wrapping paper came "WOW."

Oregon Coast Aquarium
This was Eli's treat for the long drive down the coast. I loved how they had colorful glass decorating the tanks rather than coral and rocks. They even had otters and seals outside.

We were all a little timid at the touch tanks. One even had little sharks to touch.

Going To The Beach

He was scared of the loud ocean and even the sand. Grandma and I took turns carrying him around while Brian hunted for sand dollars like a 4 year old looks for candy-filled eggs on Easter.

Time With Family

He even started calling Kim "mom" after a couple of days (he just barely started calling me that a couple of weeks ago).

I'm afraid we were only in Portland long enough to see some gruesomely scary young people participating in the annual zombie walk( and I was too shy to ask for their pictures). In total it was as peaceful of a trip as you can have with a child. We weren't even dying to get home, for the first time ever. Thanks for having us Karen, Frank, Kim, and Aaron.


Leilani said...

Glad you have a fun, safe trip! We really liked the aquarium too!

Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Glad you guys had such a wonderful time!

Grandma Corrales said...

Thanks soooo very much for coming our direction! It was wonderful to have you back in Oregon and to get more acquainted with our Eli....you were all an absolute joy to have in our home...we started missing you as soon as the door closed!
Grandma and Grandpa Corrales

Cristina said...

Sounds like so much fun. My family needs to go on another family trip soon. =/