Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cranky Creatures

Brian's favorite food is crab. You know when it's a special occasion or his birthday because its stinky odor permeates the whole house. We have only been to Oregon three times, but eating crab has always been Brian's main objective while there.
Last week at the Oregon Coast Aquarium he saw some small 3 ft Japanese Spider Crabs in a tank next to a mural of a full-grown 13 ft adult. It made him more hungry than scared.
Brian was deeply disappointed that the season for fishing this delectable crustacean doesn't start until December 1. He was further disappointed that his dreams of fishing on the ocean were dashed again because of the rough, unpredictable Oregon sea. Even though his parents' friend with a boat couldn't take him on the harsh ocean, we dropped some crab pots (legally) in the bay.
It was practically a scene off of Deadliest Catch. Brian was the greenhorn, trying to keep from getting his ankles caught in the line that would drag him into the 4 feet deep water. It was sunny,warm, calm water, and most of the crabs were too small to keep. But it was still exciting. Eli went out with us on his birthday to collect the catch. He was calm, but interested (maybe he recognized Sebastian).
Back at the dock, I made sure he backed (cleaned) at least one of them himself, for the full experience. Brian made off with 5 of the critters to eat at home.
He shared... a couple morsels.

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