Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back To Nature

I've explored Salt Lake's shopping plenty since we moved here, but that's about it. From the valley we can see the mountain trees warming in color. We finally ventured up into Big Cottonwood Canyon Friday, hoping to see the fall leaves before the weekend rain. We used to go to Provo Canyon all the time when we lived there and realized how much we had been missing during the beautiful drive. Plenty of other people were taking advantage of the nearby forest and majestic cliffs. We passed hunters, rock climbers, hikers, fishermen, and the toughest cyclists I've ever seen, ascending the 15 curving miles.
When we got to little Silver Lake in Brighton there were lots of families walking the paved trail around the lake. Brian grew happy and reminiscent as he breathed in the (naturally) pine-fresh air.
Eli was in heaven, exploring off the trail, throwing gravel, and chasing squirrels. He was constantly running, laughing, and saying "Woooow." Brian grew proud that Eli was going to love hiking and fishing like his dad. Brian's outdoorsiness showed as he scoped out the best fishing spots- where the lake grew deep and cold. The fish were even jumping out of the water. He was disappointed that we hadn't discovered this place sooner.
All the aspen trees were glowing yellow, a beautiful contrast intermixed with the evergreens. It was the perfect evening. I can see why this was Brigham Young's summer vacation spot. I hope they had mosquito repellent back then.


Anna said...

I love that picture of Brian and Eli. So cute.

Brian Corrales said...

Eli was tough too. I bet we hiked a mile and he walked (and ran) the entire way. He even went off the trail and was walking up a pretty steep mountainside. Not just steep for him, but steep for dad too.

kim said...

Wow, Cottonwood Canyon is beautiful. Sounds like you guys had a fun time. Eli is a tough boy...I'll bet he'll love Soo Bahk and backpacking as he gets older.

Frank (dad,grandpa) said...

Looks like Eli will keep up the Corrales' tradition of liking the outdoors. My Dad and I enjoyed hunting and fishing together. Brian and I enjoyed backpacking and fishing at the high mountain lakes we'd backpack to, and exploring the backcountry in the Jeep. It is neat that Brian and Eli enjoy the backcountry and the outdoors together also.
Frank (Dad, Grandpa)