Tuesday, October 7, 2008


As we lovingly call it, is the red Cherokee Brian was supposed to pay his dad $1 for when he went off to college with it. His dad bought it new in 1990 because it was supposed to have an everlasting engine. Which is true. She's up to 270,000 miles and I see tons of them on the road. Eli often hears the familiar (loud) hum of the engine and runs to the window because he knows dad is home, even before he noisily stomps up the stairs.
Anyway, a couple weeks back, Brian was driving a couple of his green belt students from the after school class where they help him teach white belts to where their own class takes place. They were hot and asked if they could roll down their windows. A few moments of silence until they asked, "How do you roll down the window?" They had only heard of, but never seen a car where you roll down the window manually.
Luckily they thought it was vintage car cool.


Anonymous said...

Lol, so cute. Makes me feel old though. boo.

Frank (Dad,Grandpa) said...

I remember when Brian and Kimmie were small, on weekends we all would load up the Jeep with camping equipment and head off to the mountains. We would camp out, with Brian and I sleeping in a tent and Kim and Karen sleeping in the back of the Jeep. We'd fish, hike and we'd hang out at night over a campfire. We'd go way out into the back country at times. One time we were 4 wheeling over rocky terrain (bolders) and some hikers told us we looked like something out of a Jeep commercial.
Frank (Dad,Grandpa)