Friday, October 24, 2008

Officially A Boy

Today my little baby turns 2. When he was first born and put on my tummy, the first thing I said was pretty loving and profound... "He's so scrawny" Then I kissed his sweet little nose. Here he is, a few hours old. He was already beautiful, despite the trauma. This was his first time to really meet dad. Brian misses the endless cuddles and gummies (toothlessness). Brian always asks how long I'm going to call Eli a baby. At first I said it would be when he turns one, then when he started walking. Now, with his interests in boy things, like playing with trains, making messes, and climbing everywhere, I think I'm ready. His shorter haircut makes him look the part. I guess he can always be my baby without being a baby.


Anna said...

oh little Eli. He was such a cute baby and is becoming such little boy. You are right, you can always call him your baby even if he is a boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Len: I always thought Eli was all boy. Don't hide the sticks and play guns from him. It won't do any good, he'll find them anyway.
Love, Mom/Gramma

P.S. - You know how much you love Eli? Well, that is exactly how much I love you.

Cristina said...

Geez, my comments keep erasing...3rd times a charm.

I still call my son baby, but I also call my boyfriend baby and sometimes my cat. It can be complex but at least I can get everyones attention with one word. lol.

Anonymous said...

We have snuck in on your blog several times without leaving a note. Today, I read Grandpa T. your wonderful non trip to Nordstrum's known as a wonderful day of discovery in the snow. Thanks for sharing so much of your family with us.

Love, Grandma & Grandpa T.