Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Costume

I must admit, Halloween freaks me out. On the local news a guy goes into the community to let everyone know about events going on and today he was at a corn maze. Why would anyone walk around, lost, in the dark, with strange people running at you with axes and chainsaws? Even more disturbing, how do they find enough macabre employees to carry out this nightmarishness?
At home things will be nice with minimal decorations of the fall harvest and a toddler dressed up as an innocent animal. This will probably be our last year with an unopinionated costume-wearer, so I'm trying to figure out what to make him. Luckily Brian's mom offered to help me sew something, but what would the boy be interested and keep on his little body? He can't be a train or a car. A cat sounds weird. There go his interests. We're in between a blobby zebra baby and an active, knowledgeable super-hero boy. I don't know what to do. Martha and Google Images didn't even help.
Anyone have any greusomeless ideas?


Leilani said...

I was just looking at some homemade ones on the other day. They had some pretty cute ideas. Here's the link.

Leilani said...'s the link cut into smaller pieces.

Leilani said...

Oh, and Martha has some good ideas too.

Helena said...

thanks leilani, at least someone cares

Anonymous said...

Hi Hel! With a name like that you would think that you liked Halloween! Lol We are so opposite, I love Halloween and all its gruesomness and we all dress up every year.

I miss that opinionless stage. My son is going to be the red power ranger this year. Who thought that show would even last this long? lol Anyway the cutest outfit I have seen for little boys this year is the monkey. I think its so adorable. They have it at most places, although homemade is always original. One year, I made an attempt at home-making my sons costume - he was an oompa loompa. But the old school ones, not the little indian midget guy on the new one. Anyway, I thought it came out okay, but no one knew who he was! I think it was just too old school, but I loved it and thats all that mattered. lol

Hope all is well. I have a blog too and I keep forgetting to tell you! Failed memory at 25 is not good. Anyway I think it shows up where my name is - just click on it, they have a spot for us livejournalers. =) Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

Len,Your Grandma Kamm would go to the used clothes stores (e.i., DI) and put together Festnacht costumes. With a few minor alterations they turned out fine, were already for the most part put together and were cheap.
For example, she bought an old pair of jeans, sewed some fringe on the side, took a plain looking vest and sewed a star on it and you had an old west sheriff's outfit very inexpensively and not alot of fuss.
Or you could go to Walmart and get the plumber with his butt crack showing costume.
Love, MOM

Helena said...

Thanks mom. That'll take some creativity, but it does relate to my love of DI. I'll see what I can do. Does walmart have that costume in a 2 year old size?

Frank (Dad, Grandpa) said...

I know that Halloween has passed, but there is always next year. When Brian was a little boy he used to like costumes of cartoon characters, like the Ewoks, He-Man or other super heroes.

Frank (Dad, Grandpa)