Monday, October 6, 2008

No Time To Lay Around

Since being a mom, general conference is not a chance to sit around at home in my pajamas and watch church talks on TV. It's double duty time, listen to church leaders speak and do work in my pajamas (for this reason there are no pictures of me).
Last year we painted the back room green while the boy still took two naps. This year I was cutting out yards of diaper fabric, pinning, and trying to sew (for a couple minutes until it made more sense to let Anna do that). On Sunday we were doing mounds of dishes, making homemade mozzarella and Brian made his famous Brazilian banana bread. The boy was peaceful and content, as he always is when Brian is around, and did many picture-worthy things, like eating watermelon under the coffee table and yelling on two phones.
We should have done a better job listening, apparently.


kim said...

How did the home made mozzarella turn out? My mouth waters just thinking about fresh cheese. Yummy. I love the picture of Eli talking on two phones. What a doll.

Brian Corrales said...

The cheese was fun, but difficult the first time. I kept messing it up and didn't know how to do it. Since it took me a lot longer than expected, I worked the cheese too long and it turned out really hard like the generic brand mozzarella you'd find in the grocery store. I also used less salt than what I wanted so the cheese didn't taste that good. So next time, work the cheese less and add more salt. It was a really fun birthday present.

Helena said...

We'll have to do it at your house, Kim.