Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Mania

Is it just me, or is everybody pregnant? Sincere Congratulations Ciril, Shannon, Sarah, and Annette.
I took my last pill today, so we'll see what happens. I hate the word "trying," so we're just going to leave things to chance. Wonder what Brian will say about my public declaration.
To my my main topic. Picking a child's name is serious business. It's tied to their identity, pretty much for eternity, unless you do such a bad job they have to change it. I'm pretty indecisive and couldn't make up my mind until a couple days before Eli was born (which is good, then I didn't have to tell people his future name after they asked and hear all their opinions about it.)
Anna showed me a couple of helpful baby name websites. First go here to find what names you like without reading through a book like "100,000 Baby Names." Put in up to six you already like as inspiration and it judges the style and gives suggestion of more you may admire. You can add them to the inspiration section and a list on the right that you can email to yourself later. Click the names to find our their meanings and such.
Once you have your list go here. (This next step is for those that don't want their child to be one of the 4 Cadens [or Jaden, Braden, Aiden] in their 3rd grade class) Enter the name and it tells you, in a lovely graph, how popular the name has been from the 1880's to now.
Just in case you need more temptation to be on the internet even longer.


Don Ashley and Tigger said...

Exciting! I knew you guys could not just have one little bundle of joy :) Can't wait when I can say I am pregnant!

Cristina said...

Another baby? Thats awesome! Good luck! I'm really excited for ya!