Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aparently I Have A Thing For Free Photography

A few weeks ago I was looking on at some online classifieds to get Eli some 2 year pictures and there were lots of photographers, maybe with these hard financial times, offering free photography for families to bring potential customers to their door and expand portfolios. I booked the least cheezy and most professional looking one. After going to get the CD yesterday, I realized that I have never paid for photography, except for senior pictures. Our engagement, bridal, and wedding were done by my friend Leilani's saintly dad. He drove all the way to Logan for us.

When Eli was 3 weeks old I dressed him in a white onesie and laid him on a pillow under plenty of light to get his birth announcement pictures.

Last year, my friend Anna, let me know that her wedding photographer was wanting to add kids to her portfolio and I got free photos a couple months after Eli turned one.

Other than Leilani's dad, we've been slightly rushed, understandably, but we don't need an album full each time, just a few good shots to capture life at that moment. Now I want a fancy camera for Christmas. Maybe we'll never pay for photography and maybe I'll never be in any of the pictures.

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