Monday, October 13, 2008

Pao de Banana

A recipe with a story is always more fun, right? In the Wellington Utah Relief Society cookbook that Brian's grandma gave him to bring on his mission to Brazil there is a post it with a recipe for banana bread. Elder Corrales, as I'll call him, often came across cohabitators that believed in the church and wanted to be baptized, but couldn't until they were legally married. They always said that the cost of a wedding is what stopped them, so Elder Corrales, wedding planner extraordinaire that he was, arranged for them to go to the courthouse for the pricey certificate and baked up a mean batch of banana bread for the celebration.

Pao de Banana

2 C. Flour
1 C. Sugar
1/2 C. Margarine
3 Eggs
3 Bananas
1 Bar Semi-Sweet Chocolate
1 tsp. Vanilla
Pinch Cinnamon
Pinch Salt

Mix sugar and margarine into paste. Add one egg at a time, beating between. Add vanilla and mashed bananas. add half of the flour, then baking soda, then flour. Add nuts, chocolate, and cinnamon. Bake on low for 80 minutes.
I'd say 350 and it takes a long time until a toothpick comes out clean.

Lucky for us and our neighbors he made some last night. The rest of the time he leaves the baking up to me, except my birthday cake, of course.


Leilani said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try this recipe...looooove banana bread!

kim said...

What a neat story. I don't remember Bri telling me that story before. Banana bread sounds so good right now--maybe I should make some.