Thursday, October 16, 2008


Who knew, a marriage question should be: What kind of TV shows and movies do you like? Not just How many kids? and Ham or turkey at Thanksgiving?
He likes violent martial arts movies and ridiculous sci-fi shows. He has tried to convert me, but every show I sit through only heightens my distaste for them. I prefer more informational, home-building shows on channels like TLC, HGTV, and FoodTV. For a while, to be together, he would watch something on his laptop while I watched the flat screen television he drooled over in the store.
Some time ago we realized documentaries could keep us both in the same room. While we both agree on PBS, History, and Discovery channels, it is The Office that has truly brought us together. We love it, and now that all the seasons are available for instant download on Netflix, we can be together all the time, not just Thursdays.


kim said...

I'm glad you and Bri found a show you both like. Aaron and I have the same difficulty...completely different interests in tv shows and movies. We both like "Monk", but we've already watched all 6 seasons together. We're trying to find a new show that we both like. Maybe we should try The Office especially since we can watch it for free on Netflix.

Cristina said...

I guess I got lucky that we both love love love comedy and it was so easy for us to convert eachother to the shows we love. He loves Family Guy and I love Scrubs and now our feelings for both are mutual. Aww...thats love! lol.

Frank (Dad, Grandpa) said...

Karen and I have opposite end of the spectrum tastes when it comes to culture. I guess opposites attract. Although we love each other, we are still separate individuals. We will have been married for 30 years next year. I think being different makes us appreciate one another more than if we just mirrored one another.
Frank (Dad, Grandpa)