Friday, August 15, 2008

Aunt Kim

In honor or Aunt Kim's (Brian's little sister) birthday I'd like to share a story about her. Eli is crazy about her. Most people he has to warm up to before he'll let them hold him, even if he sees them often. If its been a month or so since he's seen her, it doesn't matter; he jumps in her arms as soon as she comes in the door. She lived next door until he was almost one and the we moved to Salt Lake. Then she would drive the half an hour every month or so to babysit(be with) him. Last month we went to Provo to see Kim and Aaron the night before they left for their new home in Oregon. On our walk we neared the street where our cars were parked, Kim asked if she could carry Eli. When we got to where we needed to say goodbye, Brian went to take Eli and he clenched his little arms around Kim's neck and he wouldn't let go. So I tried, he's a mamma's boy, it should have worked, but it didn't. He held on tighter. Then the tears started flowing, first from her, then from me. It's pretty tender when you see how much someone else loves your child. "He knows I'm leaving," she said. I think she was right. Her husband, Aaron, tried to remind her that she still had him, but he's not as cute and sweet as Eli. Thanks for being such a thoughtful and loving sister and aunt. We miss you and happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Helena. I miss you guys, too. Bri gave me his e-mail address earlier this week and I lost it. I want to send you some pics...what's your e-mail address??


Grandpa Corrales said...

Very touching story about Kim and Eli. We are really enjoying your posings on the website. I look forward to seeing you all next month. I need to leave more comments to your Life on Jefferson Lane column.

We love you all,
Grandpa Corrales