Friday, August 8, 2008

Eli's Best Friend

Curt is his name. Last night I went to his house alone and he was looking around for Eli. They have played a lot this summer since us moms are both at home. They've done things like going to the playground, swimming pool, Wheeler Farm to see the animals, finger (more like body) painting, bike rides, and an abundance of play dates. At first there was plenty of toy-grabbing and hitting (mostly Eli), but they've gotten used to each other and play pretty peacefully. A common interest besides toys is animals. Curt has fish, turtles, little water frogs, and a dog. Eli isn't even scared of Jackie anymore, a Jack Russel Terrier; nowadays he hugs her and tugs on her toys. We moms just love watching them interact, especially their clumsy hugs. Eli is more timid (unless a toy is taken away) and careful while Curt is more boisterous and wild. He shows Eli where to go to get into trouble. Take finger-painting yesterday. By the end Curt was covered and Eli just had some on his belly, an attempt to get it off his finger. Shannon has ample artwork to display and I had to make a couple of Eli footprints so I wouldn't go home empty-handed. We've tried to take advantage of this first summer that the boys can walk and have a little friend. Thanks for being our friends Shannon and Curt.

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Grandpa Corrales said...

It is neat to see that Eli is developing into more of a litte boy than a toddler. Watching kids interact with one another is neat. I enjoyed watching Bri and Kim interact with friends when they were little. The times you are going through raising Eli will be some of the best times of your life.

Love you all,
Grandpa Corrales