Thursday, August 14, 2008

THE Test

Brian will be landing in San Diego soon. His stress has been growing and this morning said that he couldn't believe today was finally here. Between today and next Friday he will be testing for his 4th degree black belt; the test is called Ko Dan Ja. This will make him a master, or should I say Master. He's delighted that 8 of his students are also able to go to the Soo Bahk Do Nationals to compete with forms and sparring and learn from international and highly-ranked instructors. He was surprised a week or two ago when a Master here in the Rocky Mountain Region (region 8) called and asked him to be on their sparring team competing at nationals. He said he has to be aggressive because his students will be watching. I wish we could be there to see him, but he will be busy the whole time, Eli doesn't travel too well, and it would get pretty pricey with flights, hotel, and food. We'll be missing him. He even surprised me with flowers last night so I won't be so sad. I surprised myself and got a little teary after we left him at the security check. Luckily this is his 5th and last trip for the summer. The others have all lasted at least 3 days each and I'm running out of home projects to do to pass the time when Eli's asleep. While Brian is gone I will make him star of "Picture of the Day."


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your test and National's, Bri. I'm sure you'll do amazing as always. Helena, I'm sorry you're alone. =0( By the way,I love your blog.


Brian, Helena & Eli said...

Thanks Kim, it keeps me busy. You should email pictures of your house and we can take them to Grandma Corrales.

Brian, Helena & Eli said...

but with Brian being gone, I definitely don't have it as bad as you. I can't imagine him gone for months or a year.