Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Organization Station

I've got organizing on the brain since I'm going to tackle Brian's martial arts inventory mess as a treat before he gets home. I have set up various organization stations, as I call them, around the house to help him out, if I can only get him to use them! Nowadays I figure they just make it easier for me to manage his everyday clutter. Anyway, this brings me to my favorite one ever: The Cupboard Wall Organizer by a company called Three by Three. My sister bought me a magnetic board from this company and then I was excited when I saw their stuff at the Organization Store in Orem. We bought this organizer a couple of years ago and it is one of our most excellent purchases. Besides being attractive, the creators thought of everything. No more cluttered counters or missing keys. There's a magnet board for cards or pictures, a slot for holding mail you don't feel like sorting yet, a cup to hold change and pens, a shelf for your wallet and hooks to hold keys and such. What's even more wonderful is that it's on sale here. I feel like saying organize one more time.

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