Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Vegetable Loot

Our friends Anna and Joe are on a family vacation for 10 days in Michigan and so they told us to go harvest some vegetables from their garden. I couldn't believe my eyes when we got there, it was like the garden of Eden. Last I saw it there were small chili and tomato plants with some small sprouting squash plants. Now the squash vines were spreading far with spiny leaves bigger than the basketball-sized pumpkins. It was really amazing. I can see how people get into gardening, although, I must remember all of their hard work with planting, fertilizing, watering, and composting (did I mention weeding?).
Brian's raspberry dreams were dashed as they were already gone, but we collected lots of peppers, a few zucchini, and green beans.
Back home, our little window box of herbs is as big of a garden as we will be having for a couple of years. I try and use some whenever I can. We put the perennial types (sage, chives, and thyme) in one box and the annuals (basil and dill) in another. The basil has been our favorite for adding to spaghetti sauce, home-made pizza, caprese, and making cheap pesto.
Brian definitely has gardening in his blood. It all goes back to the garden his family had in Star Valley, Wyoming when he was a toddler. Apparently he wouldn't eat a meal if he had a couple of bites of a snack, so when the no-snacking rule was enforced, he would be okay with it and just run out to the garden and eat fresh peas. Our first summer married we were in a basement apartment and tried feebly to have a little container garden on our below-ground deck. I think we got 5 pea pods. This is part of why we were so amazed with Anna and Joe's garden.


Anna said...

I'm so glad you went and got some! Guess the tomatoes aren't ready yet huh? And I give most of the gardening credit to Joe.

Grandma Corrales said...

This is such a wonderful site! Thank you for taking the time to keep us 'in the loop' with your family. This is such a blessing to us because we are so far away. Your comments about gardening brought back many wonderful family memories...like Brian at age 5... trying to dig out his strawberry plants so he could take them when we moved to Logan, UT. The plants were buried under 4 feet of snow!