Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Little Clasper

One of Eli's main interests right now (other than cars and cats) is clasps, and he finds them all. He works on his onesie buttons, overall clasps, car seat buckles, buttons, and clasps on backpacks, high chairs, helmets, his bike seat and strollers (like this expensive green one in a kids boutique). He always finds the stacks of high chairs in restaurants and babyless car seats at church to work on. His eyes really lit up when he saw me using our combination bike lock.
This started many months ago, but it has turned into an obsession lately. The few finger pinches haven't even deterred him (No,I don't pinch him, the clasps do). Yesterday while I was in the shower he climbed into the laundry basket and worked on the buttons of a dirty onesie for 5 minutes. Shouldn't it be 1 minute? This could be normal and we don't have a particularly meticulous, detail-oriented, almost-2-year-old with the attention span of a 5 year old, let me know.

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Over the moon said...

Oh Eli. Please teach Emi that attention span that you have :0). That's so great, and so cute!

Good job Brian!! Seth and I were going to call you last night to see how it went, we got sidetracked by the thought of just being able walk out the door and to go to a movie without having to get a babysitter...
We are so excited for you, especially that it's over now! YAY! We miss you guys, let's hang out soon ok!!