Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I adore them. I think I always have. There's just something about the geometric designs of those juicy leaves. I'm somewhat sentimental about plants that remind me of California, and especially my grandma's garden. I think its good to decorate your home with things that say something about what makes you you, and so, there are some potted succulents to greet us at our door. Succulents are pretty much the only plant that will survive in Utah without a greenhouse. When snow comes I'll just perch them on our window sill. I love their simplicity, aesthetically and in their care. Just give them a spot in the sun in sandy soil and water them when you remember (hopefully that's not too often). You can propagate them easily with a fallen branch or the cutting of a leaf. They make elegant gifts or even a fast-growing ground-cover in your garden. Today, in my new blog-perusing-habit I found another reason to admire this large genus of plants, they're eco-friendly. For types you probably can't find anywhere else in Utah, go to this amazing garden store, Cactus and Tropicals. (I'm afraid to say the picturesque gathering to the right is not mine.)

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